I could not easily put into words how much this course, and these teachers, have positively influenced not only my practice, but my entire osteopathic context. 

I am humbled by the fact that in my 7th year of practice, in one weekend, that I have gained more awareness and confidence in myself as a practitioner, and what we can do as Osteopaths, than I honestly expected. To be able to connect with the purpose of osteopathy at such a wonderful level will remain with me for a very long time as well as some excellent connections to some truly wonderful practitioners

This course is life changing! ROA is a wonderful balance of theory and practical with an excellent mentoring group. Excellent organization and content that is well researched and explained. I have no reservations in recommending that every osteopath has this course on their list. I am thankful that it was recommended to me. I can't wait for ROA 2!!

Dr. Casey Beaumont (Osteopath)
B.App.Sc.(Comp.Med.) M.Osteo. B.Hlth.Sc.

what attendees are saying about our courses.

I think the research and content of the course was amazing and inspirational. Overall a very challenging course in all aspects, but absolutely amazing and the most comprehensive presented course I’ve been on.
Material in this course made a lot of sense in understanding both the detailed smaller knowledge and the bigger picture.
The content is inspirational. The teaching is enthusiastic.
Philosophic principles were really important. It was good to see how Dr Still’s understanding relates to embryologic research and how it can be used in treatment. The principles have always been important but now they have an even bigger meaning and it is easier to understand them. Using the principles in the lectures binds the whole concept to Osteopathy.
Excellent whatever expectations I had were more than realized.
I liked the lecturer’s enthusiasm and knowledge. The tutorial support. The cutting edge scientific facts.
It more than met my expectations and I feel able to take the learning into practice life.
Inspirational. Challenging. Mind expanding. Very enthusiastic. Inspiring. New!
The practicals related to the theory. Excellent. That was one of the best courses I have ever been on (I have done over 60 post-grad courses)