Rule of the Artery 1

This course involves the investigation of the heart and vasculature and the fluid dynamics of the blood. Additionally the course explores the interface between the heart, the primary respiratory mechanism and the autonomic nervous system.

Study of the cardiovascular system leads to the consideration of the heart as more than a pump. This course will explore the concept of the heart as a hydrodynamic and electromagnetic generator, qualities which are then imparted to the blood. The role of the heart in the integration of mind, body and spirit is also considered.

Rule of the Artery 2

The aim of this course is to apply the principles and practice of Dr. A.T. Still based on a study of Dr. Still’s published works and utilizing the palpatory skills developed whilst following Dr. Sutherland’s Teachings within the Science of Osteopathy.

Consideration is given to some newly described anatomy associated with the control of cerebral circulation. The course then reviews some of the functional relationships between the heart and other organs.

The course will have a clinical orientation, based on the material presented and the skills developed in ROA 1, and will expand to consider the place of emotion in dysfunction, an approach in the treatment of mother and baby, and hypertension. The course will finish with a new perspective of the CV4 and the many rhythms of life.

Attendance of a ROA 1 program is a prerequisite for this course.